• Contact us for a quote
  • Make payment through cheque or BACS
  • We send the goods via TNT courier or one of our experienced technicians comes to set up for you
  • You enjoy the inflatable décor for your event
  • The courier will pick them up or we will take down for you

Dry Hire

If you feel that our services will not be required during the set up and take down process we will send you the goods on a dry hire basis. This is only appropriate for smaller inflatables or if there is a team on site who have experience in rigging.

  • The inflatables will arrive via courier in a road box with the appropriate fans. This does not include cable or power adapters - You can request to hire these if you wish
  • You enjoy the inflatable décor for your event
  • You pack the inflatables back into the road box with their fans in the condition you received them in
  • The courier will pick them up and return back to us


Standard delivery and collection via courier for this size road box is approx £150 anywhere in the UK. Standard size is 160cm x 60cm x 60cm.

Airtechs Install

  • We deliver and set up the décor for you.
  • Technicians go out at £150 per day and delivery is charged at 60p per mile
  • We stay and manage the inflatables during your event if you wish or we can come back when the event has finished
  • When the event is finished we pack away and leave no mess
  • All the cables/connectors and any extra equipment comes at no extra hire cost
  • box fan
  • small black fan
  • adapter
  • cable

Bespoke Inflatables

We can custom make any inflatable to your requirements. Please contact us for a quote.

Health and Safety

All of our electrical equipment is pat tested (1,2,3) and complies with current British standards.

All of our fabric complies with british fire safety fire retardant standards

We are fully insured to work at your event

Terms of Use

  • Using the inflatables - no inflatable should be left unmonitored if it is among the general public. Our inflatables are designed to be looked at and not touched/ jumped on. Please ensure the general public are kept away from the inflatables at all times as this poses a health and safety risk and causes damage to the inflatables.
  • Please return the inflatables, fans and any other equipment in the same condition that you received them.
  • We check all of our electrical equipment and inflate our items before we send them out, if they are damaged in transit then please let us know before your event otherwise you will be liable for the charge.
  • Charges - if the inflatable is returned wet then there is no charge but please let us know if you cannot dry it before packing away into the road box. If the inflatable is returned with any dirt or mud on it then this is an hourly cleaning rate charge. If the inflatable is returned with any paint of graffiti on then the charge is £50 minimum. If the inflatable is returned with a hole or rip from misuse then the charge is £50 minimum.  If the inflatable is returned with a missing or broken fan the charge is £150. If any of the cables/ power adapter/ power splitter / rigging equipment is not returned it is £20 per item.


At Airtechs, we have a wide and varied choice of inflatables for hire including:

We are suppliers of inflatable themed sets, advertising inflatables, inflatable domes, product replicas, inflatable club decor and inflatable stage props. Our specialists can find you an inflatable sculpture to suit any type of event. We also stock a range of themed inflatables such as christmas inflatables, halloween inflatables, summer inflatables, jungle inflatables, space inflatables and underwater inflatables.

Please see our products page to view all the inflatables for hire we currently have in stock.

Limited Company Details

Airtechs Ltd is a Company registered in England & Wales since 1997 under Company Number 03393045.

Registered Office

Unit 18/19 Halesworth Business Centre

IP19 8QJ